Signs That There Are Plumbing Issues In Your House

When talking about house maintenance, plumbing issues are one of the main things that should be considered and corrected if required. A plumbing issue can remain dormant for many years until it becomes too big to be ignored. It can end up ruining the architecture and integrity of your house. So one must always be watching out for any signs that suggest there is a plumbing issue in the house. Here are some of them listed down below, read on to find them out.

Pipes That Have Changed Colour

If you look at your pipes and notice that the colour at different sites have changed from the original pipe colour, especially at sites where one pipe connects to another, you must consider that there might be an escape of water making this difference. This could be due to a drip from the sink, the drain or a leak from the main supply.

A slow leak from the main supply can end up costing your water bill. Therefore, that’s another sign. A sudden continuous unexplained increase in your water bill charge should always be investigated. Furthermore, a slow leak can soon turn into a big mess as these systems are under high pressure. Therefore, a plumber should be sorted out as quickly as possible. Make sure they only use the best of products to fix the leak and pipes.

Your House Starts to Smell Bad

Every drain around the house needs a trap and the trap in turn needs a vent to keep the smell and contents contained. The vent will cause the smells of the drain to be directed towards the roof while the traps will block the odours coming through the sink openings.

If there is a strong unpleasant smell within the house, it means that either the vent has a crack or the trap has dried up. If the trap has dried up, it can be easily fixed but localising the crack in the vent system and fixing it is more difficult. You might have to end up breaking down walls to find and fix these cracks.

A Slow Drain Is A Warning Sign

A drain that is slow to empty water whether it is in the sink of your kitchen or bathroom is a warning before it becomes fully clogged. When it becomes fully clogged, the water will overflow ruining the floor of your room. Not to mention all the dirty contents that will fill the floor giving it very unpleasant smells, staining and an unhygienic environment.

Cleaning up after a clogged drain can be exhausting. Therefore, when you notice the drain is slow, call up a best plumber service such asyour choice plumber will fix your blocked drains. Depending on where the obstruction is the task can be simple or complex. Sometimes there can be growth of plants within the drains which causes these blocks. It will be a difficult task to get rid of them as they can grow deep and long.

Do not ignore the signs of plumbing issues in your house as it can end up destroying the integrity of your home.

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