Should You DIY Your Roof Maintenance?

Cost of living has risen exponentially the past years that homeowners constantly come up with innovative ideas to save money. The number of tutorials and tips for recycling and upcycling dominate social media because there is a need for them. Searches for DIYs or “do it yourself” also increased from minor repairs to even building or re hauling a room, all for the reason of being able to save a few bucks.

DIYs are a blessing and those who post tutorials are heroes. But we have to discern which tasks it is advisable for us to do ourselves and those tasks we have to call a professional for help. For example, roof maintenance. It is one part of the house that the upkeep is a bit steep hence why some homeowners resort to DIY. But, should you also DIY your roof maintenance? Below is the list of pros and cons.


It’s Cheaper

Yes. It is cheaper because you are able to save money on labor and manpower, expenses for the use of tools and equipment (if you have your own) and materials if you would be using some of the supplies you have lying around from your other DIY projects or you know a place where you could get these materials for a cheaper cost.

Its Time Saving

Doing repairs and maintenance yourself is time-saving since you don’t need to schedule it especially if the contractor is fully booked. As long as you already have the tools and materials that you need, you could do the patch up and the maintenance during your day off.


It’s Dangerous

Roof maintenance is very different from let’s say, staining the porch or installing a backsplash in the kitchen. Roof maintenance involves well being in the roof and if you are afraid of heights, better call a professional when you notice that the gutter needs replacing, or your roof re-tiled. Roof maintenance is dangerous especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. One slip and it might cost you your life. Fortunately, there are experts on the field who could cater to any restoration your roof might need. Visit who are roofing specialists; they can give your roof the attention and care it needs.

It Could Cause More Damage

When we do something ourselves for the first time, there is a possibility that it would not always be successful and there is a risk that it would cause more damage. Similar to roof restoration. If we are not an expert, a minor repair might end up being a bigger impairment. What we thought would help us save some bucks may possibly turn out to be a more costly piece of work.

It Could Lower The Value Of Your Home

If our DIY is not as polished as done by professionals, it is obvious and when the time comes, we need to sell our home, this could lower the value of our property.

Wanting to save some money is not bad but we have to be cautious and wary on the chores that we could DIY and those that should be best left with the experts.