Montepuez Ruby Project

Mustang's flagship Montepuez Ruby Project is located within the Montepuez Complex in the Cabo Delgado Province of Northern Mozambique. The Montepuez Complex is a very unique geological occurrence in which optimal pressure & temperature conditions are present, allowing for widespread, high-grade ruby mineralisation to occur.

Mustang Rubies, February 2017

Geology Of The Montepuez Project

Mustang's licences lie along the established NW-SE ruby mineralisation trend which also transects the Gemfields (GEM:LSE) licenses. Extensive ruby mineralisation can also be found immediately to the Southeast of the Mustang licences, close to the village of Namahaka, where it is mined by local artisanals ("garimpeiros").

Primary ruby mineralisation is found within the amphibolite and is associated with the crosscutting feldspar/carbonate veining therein - the aluminium source of ruby/corundum. The amphibolite is considered to have supplied the source of chromium responsible for the rubies' red colourisation. Primary mineralisation in the Montepuez area grades up to 300ct/ton. Secondary ruby deposits are also found throughout the general area. It is believed that an initial deposition occurred within one or more major flooding events, followed by a redistribution of the rubies by alluvial processes (e.g. braided river system). Notably, the average gem quality of the secondary rubies is typically much higher than those contained within the primary amphibolite, albeit with lower grades. 

ruby being examined



Mustang are committed to building all our projects according to strict operational standards, meeting or exceeding all applicable Governmental regulations. It is our number one priority to ensure a safe working environment for all our employees while protecting Mozambique’s beauty and natural resources in the implementation of all our operations.

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