Things You Need to Check Out Before Renting and Moving into A New Home

In today’s age and time, when jobs and family commitments keep us hopping from one corner of the country to the next, renting or leasing homes is a much better idea that buying a house of your own. And while this sounds simple enough, there are many things to look into before you lease or rent the space. Here are some of those things…

Distance to Work

Though it may seem something you’d be able to work around, the distance to work actually plays a humungous part in how long you’ll be able to stay in a rented home. Make sure to also check the general traffic in that area for the same reason. If you spend more than an hour on the road commuting to work, this isn’t the right home for you.

For Any Damages of The Existing Walls and Floors

Some house owners can get very nasty at the end of lease, demanding you pay for damages they claim you made; while the truth us it existed before you moved in. Take photographs of all existing damages, even if you plan on renovating it, and attach it to your leasing copy.

Distance to Emergency Medical Centre

Whether you live alone, with an elderly, or with a child, the distance from the nearest hospital can sometimes be life changing. It’s also vital to consider if the lane you hope to live in is wide enough for an ambulance to get close to the house.

Water Pressure and Leaks

Low water pressure and leaks can get frustrating pretty fast; the last thing you want when you’re also dealing with the stress of a new workplace or neighbourhood. Contact an expert plumber in Sunshine and get it tested out. Testing this out will take only a few minutes.

The General Crime Rate of The Neighbourhood

Your peace of mind when living in this home is vital; so, checking up on the crime rate of the area is a must. While it’s true that this doesn’t keep you safe in the street at all times, at least you’re not constantly worrying about break-ins while you’re away from home.

If the Security Measures Need to Be Updated

It’s possible that the house may already have security measures; but they may not be to your standard. If you’ll have to update it, it may be an additional cost, so it’s important to check it out before you make the decision to rent this space.

Pests in The Premises

If the previous tenants were not very high on maintenance, you might find the apartment having one too many insects for your liking. In general, the building owner has to call pest control before re-renting out the space. Make sure this has happened.

The Policy In Regards To Pets and Guests

Some apartments have unreasonable rules when it comes to pets and stay over guests. If you’re a social butterfly who’s also a gracious host, checking these policies beforehand is much easier than having to turn away overnight guests in the future.

If the Fire Alarm Is in Acceptable Condition

Checking to see if the fire alarm is working and in good condition is a precaution. While you may not be able to predict a fire, it still pays to be prepared for it from day one. Also make sure to change the batteries of it on the day you move into the house; if not earlier.

The Parking Lot and Policy Related to It

Some apartments have a policy of one vehicle/parking spot per apartment; making it difficult if you have a guest come over or if your spouse has a vehicle of their own. Remember to check out the security measures taken in the parking lot (security gate with CCTV cameras are preferable), and if multiple parking is permissible.