Best Office Lighting that Improves Worker Health and Productivity

Your office room is sometimes where you spend most of your time of the day. This makes it necessary to have a room that is pleasant and comfortable. There are few office room decoration tips that you can follow in order to create a comfortable environment inside the room and increase your productivity. One of the most important tips among these is proper lighting. Take a look at the tips below to see how to light your office room.

Don’t Cover Natural Light

Letting natural lights light up the room during day time is one of the best ways to create a space that is not too crammed. Especially if you are going to be staring at your computer or laptop for most part of the day, keeping your windows open so you can stare outside once in a while to rest your eyes. Ushering in natural lights is also another way you can save energy as you won’t have to use artificial light during day time. Try out a place like Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds when you are decorating the windows so you can have something like sheer blinds or screen-ways that would allow you to control the natural light as well as allow natural lights in the room.

Choose the Right Ambient Lights

Choosing the right ambient lights is important as this will set the mood in the room. If your office room is large and spacey, you can opt for slightly dim lights but if the space is small you may want to try out some bright colours to add the illusion of space. Smaller rooms tend to make you feel trapped or stuffed when you are stressed with all the work you need to do and adequate lighting is one way to counter this. Also, if it is impossible to get enough natural lights, then it has to be the ambient lights that light up the room during day time as well. If the direct light is disturbing, you can choose ways to diffuse and scatter the lights by using lampshades.

Add Task Lights

When you are at your worktable working on your computer, writing or reading something, sometimes the ambient lights will not be enough. Especially when you work at night, you might need more light on your workspace so that the shadows or the lack of light will not bother you. This is where you can use task lighting. Whenever you need to get done some task that needs intensive focus, you can have light sources that are dedicated to the task at hand. You can have sources such as adjustable table lamps on your work table. If your office room has multiple workstations, then you can try setting up multiple task lights to each of the place.

Poor lighting can reduce your moral and kill your mood. But if you want to increase the work productivity and ensure the good quality of work, it is important to have good light sources that can create a friendly environment inside your office room.