Rookie mistakes to avoid in importing your first JDM car to Australia

Unless for a handful of German and American makes, the JDM market will remain at the top. Hence, if you want your first vehicle to be a JDM, you know your priorities are right. Given there’s a timeless demand, performing the process in the right way is going to be essential to steer clear of scammers. In doing so, here are some of the rookie mistakes you must avoid.

Not knowing the ideal model types

Sure, you know they make what you want; AstonMartin, BMW, Mazda, Nissan, and this list goes on. But how aware are you of the model types?

For example, the R-32 is much acclaimed over the R-33 when it comes to the GT-R model line, and there are enough non-GTR vehicles as well. Knowing what you might like would only be a result of thorough research.

Not buying from an auction

If you checked for the price of Nissan Skylines for sale in Japan, you would see how the market price simply hasn’t dropped in years. After all, why should they drop it given the everlasting demand? But when you direct your attention to the auction market, you’d be surprised to see how the prices are sometimes even lower than half the market price.

This is the reason why JDM auctions are truly amazing. If you’re planning to get a luxurious JDM such as any Nissan, our recommendation is that you buy from an auction. But this brings up a question; let’s talk about it in the next point.

Not hiring a professional importing company

In order to bid in an auction, you need to have your people physically present an auction. That allows them to bid on behalf of you and win the vehicle. But before the vehicle must be thoroughly checked as well.

Following the purchase, the series of logistical work should be closely supervised since until your vehicle gets in a container, parts could be stolen. Hence, it’s just not practical to do the importing on your own. What you should do is hire a professional importing company that would take care of the entire process for you.

Not requesting a quote beforehand

How much do you think the prices have fluctuated since the pandemic hit us? Or didn’t you consider that at all? But this also could be the first time ever you’re planning to import a vehicle from Japan.

For example, if you’ve settled for a Nissan, you would want to know the price fluctuation of each edition to know that you’re landing on the best cost-effective option. Hence, it’s not exactly wise unless you request a quotation beforehand from the company.

Not checking the vehicle history

There used to be a time when you simply couldn’t have known the Japanese history of an imported vehicle. This is when the website comes into play. Via this website, you can perfectly know the accident history of your vehicle and also ensure that the said brand new vehicle is definitely brand new based on the chassis number.

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